Yasser Roudi is a professor at  Kavli Institudte & Centre for Neural Computation, Trondheim, Norway. Also, Research Staff Associate, ICTP, Trieste, Italy.

He is interested in understanding learning and inference in living organisms and machines and for doing so, mainly uses ideas from statistical mechanics and information theory.

He was born in Tehran in 1981, went to Alborz High School, and studied at Sharif University and SISSA and got PhD in 2005 from SISSA, Italy. After that, He went to the Gatsby Unit, UCL, as a senior research fellow and then to Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Yasser Roudi’s research focuses on the principles of information processing and their relation to statistical mechanics and biological implementation

In 2015, He received Eric Kandel Prize his contributions to the applications of statistical physics to network reconstruction and the understanding of information processing in neuronal networks.