Gregor Rainer is an EURYI young investigator and associate professor at the University of Fribourg. In the past, he has held a DFG Heisenberg award and was a group leader at the MaxPlanck Institute for biological cybernetics in Tübingen. He received his Masters Degree in Experimental Physics from the University of Vienna in 1994, a Ph.D. in Systems Neuroscience from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999 and a Habilitation in behavioural Neurobiology from Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen in 2003. His research interests center on the study of cognitive functions in awake behaving primates, with particular focus on shortterm memory, attention and visual learning and how these processes can be modulated using pharmacological agents. Together with his team he employs a number of techniques to study the neural basis of cognitive functions, including multi-channel neuron recording, optical methods, time-resolved in vivo direct-sampling based neurochemical analyses and biomedical imaging. He has received a number of awards including an APART scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, an award for outstanding teaching from the Tübingen graduate school in Neurosciences and the Otto Hahn Medal from the Max Planck Society.